How to choose your Kimono or Yukata.


  1. Check the HEIGHT of the kimono you want to buy in the article sheet.
  2. Measure the height of the base from your neck to your heel.
    If the difference between the height of the kimono and your height (from the neck to the heel) is:
  • More than 30 cm (11.8 inches):
    Wear the kimono by making a fairly large fold at the waist.
  • Between 20cm and 11cm (7.90 <-> 4.30 inches):
    Wear the kimono by making a medium fold at the waist.
  • Approximately 10cm (3.9 inches):
    Wear the kimono by folding it a little at the waist.
  • 0 cm (0 inches):
    Wear the kimono without folding the waist.

The kimono is worn at the ankles, it is important to adjust the height by a crease more or less large at the waist using small belts called Koshi himo which will facilitate the adjustment.


  1. Check the width of the garment you want to buy.
  2. Measure your hips.
    If the difference between the width of the garment and your hip circumference is:
  • More than 40 cm (15.7 inches) the kimono is perfect.
  • Between 25 cm and 39 cm (9.8 inches <-> 15.3 inches), the kimono will be adjusted but may be slightly tight.
  • Less than 25 cm (9.8 inches), this item will not fit your size, we advise you to choose another item.


Unlike western sizes, the kimono sleeves are relatively short and are worn between the elbow and the wrist.

  1. Check the length of the handle of your item.
  2. Measure the length between half of your back up to the fold of your wrist.

The length of the sleeve on a kimono is measured from the central seam of the back of the kimono (at the base of the neck) to the end of the sleeve.
The length of the sleeve should be quite long and should be between your elbow and your wrist.

How to choose your geta or zori sandals and tabi socks.

The sandals GETA and Sandals ZORI:

  • If you want to wear them in the traditional way:
    Please choose a size 2-3 cm (1 inch) shorter than the length of your foot.
    You may have some discomfort as your little toe might slip off the edge, but this is the traditional way to wear them. In Japan, the sight of a woman wearing small sandals is considered very beautiful.
  • If you want a comfortable fit:
    Please choose the correct size for your feet. The sandals made for women are quite narrow, so if you have wide feet, we recommend you choose a larger size.

The TABI Socks :

Tabi socks are the traditional Japanese socks. They are very recognizable to their peculiarity to have the thumb of the toe separated from the other toes.

You can refer directly to your usual size.